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KC MOMENTUM Synchronized Skating Team

"Over the past decade, the rise of synchronized skating in Kansas City has been nothing short of incredible. As synchronized skating continues to flourish, we celebrate the collective effort of skaters, coaches, families, and fans that have enthusiastically grown the success of this captivating sport. Kansas City has become a vibrant hub, where athletes come together to push boundaries, showcase their talents, and ignite a passion for the synchro skating movement—and we want to keep the MOMENTUM going!"


To provide Kansas City with access to competitive synchronized skating while modeling a commitment to knowledge, community, mastery of skill and oneness through our athletes. Get ready to witness the rise of a strong and confident team—KC MOMENTUM! 

"KC MOMENTUM is made of many but moves forward as one"

This is our identity, the driving force that propels us to greatness. Each skater brings their unique strengths, but together, we form an unstoppable team. We believe in our abilities, in our collective talent, and in the power of unity. Join us as we redefine what synchronized skating means and create a legacy of strength, skill, and togetherness.

Join the Momentum Movement

We want to hear from you! Engage with us using the hashtag #KCMOmentum and share your thoughts, photos, and experiences. 

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