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Skating Competitions



How it Works

Register for photos at the link below. Then, once the competition is over, your gallery will be on their way within 7-14 days. I send them out in the order we registration is received, so don't wait to register! When you get your gallery, it's time to put on your comfy clothes, grab some snacks, and start browsing through all the amazing photos. 


You don't have to waste time scrolling through other skaters to find yours or worry about who has access to your photos because your curated gallery is only sent to you!


These skaters spend so much time and energy training to perfect their craft and artistry. I believe they deserve the same from me. So I personally sort and edit every photo delivered to the participants.


Pricing Information

  • $50 per Album

  • $10 per Photo

Discount Code

Use discount code SamCantSkate for:​

  • 10% off orders of $99-$148

  • 15% off orders of $149-$198

  • 20% off orders of $199-$248

  • 25% off orders of $299 and up

Contact me for information regarding my Golden Rule Discounts

Thank You Album

All purchases of $50 or more receive a Thank You album with special edits and my signature silhouette. 

More Questions?

Please reach out to me via  the chat icon on my site, text at 573-268-2527 or email at

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